What You Need To Do To Set Up A Romantic Getaway

Did you know that 42% of travelers feel more romantic on vacation? Romantic hotels offer a variety of luxuries that can help make a romantic getaway with your partner as enjoyable as possible. Sometimes it can be challenging to put together a romantic trip. Here are some tips that will help you put together a romantic getaway with your partner.

Plan ahead of time

Planning ahead of time will allow you to make your time with your partner as special as possible. Determine how you and your spouse will want to spend time together at the hotel. Some couples want to spend time relaxing near a pool and going to a spa. Other couples would rather go enjoy the city they’re in and might be interested in a hotel that’s near some local activities. Deciding what you and your partner will enjoy most will help you narrow down the romantic hotels to choose from. Find one that has the amenities and activities that you desire.

Book at an opportune time

It’s best to avoid booking a hotel during Valentine’s Day, as most romantic hotels are usually busy during this time. It’s also helpful to avoid school holidays when families are likely to be booking up hotels for vacation. If any special anniversary between you and your partner is outside of these time periods, this would perhaps be the best time to schedule your romantic getaway. In addition, weekdays tend to be more available for hotel booking. Booking at a time that most people aren’t booking will mean you’ll deal with fewer crowds. In addition, book your room through the hotel rather than through a third-party booking site. If you tell them that it’s a special occasion, it’s possible they may even upgrade you to a nicer room. You can also potentially be able to request a room that’s away from elevators and other busy areas to ensure you and your partner have a quiet stay.

Consider romance packages

If you’re unsure what you and your partner would enjoy most, a romance package could put you in the right direction. Romantic hotels put together a full list of activities and special amenities that couples can enjoy in one package. As an example, some hotels may provide a discount on using their spa services. Other romantic hotels may provide transportation to activities such as wine-tastings, or overnight accommodations in their most luxurious rooms. Look through the packages to see what’s offered. Be in communication with the front desk concierge as well. They can help you decide on some unique ideas to really give you and your partner a special time together.


Following these tips will help you pick out a good romantic hotel, and set up an enjoyable romantic getaway. Be sure to look through reviews to see which hotels were given high ratings. Do this along with discussing with your partner what they would most. This will all be helpful to put together a successful romantic getaway.