7 Benefits of a Long Island Romantic Getaway

Weddings are a beautiful way to celebrate the love between a couple and are the result of months — if not years — of preparation and planning. Every weekend, an average of 44,230 weddings happen, and once the nuptials take place and the guests leave, the lovely couple can finally have some alone time with each other. What better way to celebrate the new union than with a relaxing romantic getaway?

As a couple, planning for the wedding might mean that your post-wedding getaway gets less attention. It would be such a massive shame to plan for a grand event only to settle for a less-than-ideal getaway. If you’ve recently tied the knot, here are a couple of reasons why you and your partner should consider a romantic hotel getaway.

Convenient Location

You don’t have to spend your first night as newlyweds traveling to a far-off place. Instead, enjoy the evening overlooking a beautiful sunset or perhaps taking in some beautiful city scenery. Finding a luxurious suite in the heart of the city is still a fantastic way to achieve a romantic getaway.

Enjoy Extra Amenities

Everybody loves the occasional surprise. In a lot of hotels, expect to receive a couple of extra treats especially with a honeymoon package. Some hotels throw in spa sessions so you and your partner can relax while getting some much-needed massage therapy. Buffets, gourmet meals, and special access to limited hotel resources are just a few extra things that hotels tend to include for couples.

Fine Dining

A romantic getaway wouldn’t be complete without good food and drink. Hotels provide five-star menus for you and your loved one to fully indulge your palates in the finest cuisine. However, if you want to enjoy some privacy, you could also opt to make use of the private bar and kitchen facilities to prepare your meals and avoid unwanted interruption.

Excellent Service

The last thing you want on your romantic getaway is handling mundane tasks. Hotels offer extra services such as laundry and room service so you don’t have to worry about doing everything for yourself. Concierge services could also prove useful if you’re looking for a reservation or in case you need anything brought up to your room.

Beautiful Furnishings

There are few things more relaxing on your romantic getaway than laying down on a comfortable clean bed. Hotel beds feature luxurious linens, fluffy pillows, and soft duvets that ensure you achieve the best night time rest. King-sized beds coupled with immaculate mattresses are all the more reason to pick a hotel as your romantic getaway destination.

Enjoy the Fireplace

It’s quite romantic cuddling up with the love of your life next to a crackling fire. A fireplace is an excellent way to create the sort of ambiance to set you in the perfect mood. Hotel suites come equipped with gas-powered or electric fireplaces to create a lovely atmosphere that you and your partner will enjoy.

Courteous Hospitality

As you indulge in fine dining and spa sessions, it’s important to have members of staff who make you feel at home. All staff members from the concierge, chefs, housekeepers, porters to the waiters and waitresses are professionally trained and deliver the highest standards of hospitality to their customers. You might end up wishing you never leave.

Hotels remain a top destination for a lot of newlyweds. For some, the solitude and awe-inspiring views make hotels the ideal destination while for others, it’s all about luxury. The best part is that plenty of hotels offer honeymoon packages that come complete with lodging, food, drinks and a list of activities you could enjoy together so, if you’re looking for a simple yet relaxing way to celebrate your new union, you can never go wrong with a hotel getaway. All in all, hotels and resorts are a great way for you and your partner to enjoy some much-deserved alone time as you start a life together.