4 Tips for Choosing a Honeymoon Destination

Choosing your honeymoon location isn’t an easy task with so many bustling cities and romantic getaways out there. About 1.4 million U.S. newlyweds travel for their honeymoon while other couples prefer to stay local at spa resorts. Either way, it can be a challenging decision that takes a lot of planning.

Whether you’re looking forward to a jam-packed honeymoon or a more relaxing getaway, here are a few tips you can use to help you choose your honeymoon destination.

Start with narrowing down your options

It’s easier to compare honeymoon ideas when you’re only working with a few options. Talk to your partner to determine what kind of destination the two of you are going for. Do you like the idea of traveling abroad or would that put too much stress on the two of you so soon after your wedding? Do you prefer to stay local to cut down on travel costs?

Consider making a list of your top destination sites for your honeymoon and have your partner do the same. When you each have a small list, compare destinations and start narrowing down.

Consider your budget

The average honeymoon lasts between seven to nine days, but some couples will honeymoon for up to a month depending on their budget. Make sure to take the time to consider the budget you and your partner have for your honeymoon.

You can typically narrow down which destinations fit within that budget. Plane tickets, for instance, are a major expense depending on how far you’re traveling. Out-of-pocket expenses for items like transportation and passports are also necessary to plan for.

Think about the weather

If you’re honeymooning somewhere like Long Island, you can easily plan for the weather at your honeymoon destination. But if you’re going somewhere unfamiliar, it’s important to take a look at the local climate. For instance, certain destinations experience rainy seasons that could put a serious damper on your honeymoon if you were expecting lots of sun.

Check out local destinations

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