Jennifer & Anthony

EW: Tell us about the day you first met each other and how your relationship grew.

JENNIFER:  We met at Cortland. We were friends for a while, but it always seemed like we gravitated toward each other. Our relationship really started as friends and grew to best friends. I shared in my wedding video how when he held my hand for the first time, it was the moment where we were crossing that line from friends to something more. It was a moment we didn’t speak about, it just happened, and I remember texting to myself that this happened because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a dream the next day.

EW: Tell us the story of your proposal and how it was special to both of you.

JENNIFER:  Anthony wanted to take me out east to the Hamptons for a night. It was such a busy time of the year for me (November) but we felt like we needed to stop our busy lives and take some time to just be with each other. A family friend of his let us go to a summer house they had in the Hamptons. So we went dropped out bags at the house and then Anthony said, “let’s go see the beach over here, my friends said its beautiful.” And I remember thinking who in the world would go to the beach in November. Well I was right. We got there, and it was a WIND storm. The sand was blowing straight into our eyes and my hair was all in my face. Anthony proceeded to tell me we should take a walk just to see the beach. Again, I thought he was crazy, but I didn’t think much of it I just knew he was trying to make this day special because we were in need of a nice day together. As we walked towards the sand, I saw a blanket, COVERED IN SAND with candles, pictures of us, and more. Before I could get my thoughts together, he was on his knee. The best part about the story was after this moment. Anthony knew I always wanted my family and his to be part of this moment. I asked him if my family was here and he said, “no everyone was so busy I couldn’t ask them to drive all the way out here.” I was SOO disappointed, but I didn’t want to show it as he had done enough to make the day special. We go back to the house and Anthony says let’s just grab our bags, go home, and we will go tell our parents. So, we go to this house and I open the door… OUR ENTIREEEEEEE FAMILY was in the house there to surprise me. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE had a party that night with 30 of our closest family members. It truly was a dream come true.

EW: Can you share your most memorable moment or unique story that occurred during your wedding at East Wind?

Jennifer:  Every part of our wedding was perfect. I mean it. it was a dream come true. But there was a part of the night where the guests were done eating and we were just grooving to the music. The DJ played the Ranger chant song and the crowd literally went wild. Anthony and I were on top of the DJ speakers feeling like celebrities. We looked out on the dance floor and it felt like a rave or a concert. The guests were so amped up and having such an amazing time that the vibe in the room was electric. It was INCREDIBLE!

EW: As you planned your wedding, was there anything specifically you were looking for in a venue?

JENNIFER:  I was looking for a room that felt classic and timeless. The Estate gave me that feel. it was not over done, it was not too much, it was not tacky or dated, it said to me…  timeless and classic. A room that felt ready (for a celebration).

EW: What was the most enjoyable part of planning a wedding?

JENNIFER:  I enjoyed every single step to this wedding. For one reason…. I NEVER saw it stressful… there are so many real reasons in life to stress out…my wedding was never going to be something I stressed about. I did my research about my vendors and put all my trust in them. People who know me know that I worry about every little thing in life. When the week before my wedding came, people were shocked to see how calm I was. It was truly because I had FULL trust in all my vendors. I knew nothing could go wrong when working with the best in the business. I never had a moment where I doubted East Wind, my photographer and videographer, my flowers…NOTHING. I knew I was in good hands and that made this planning phase stress free and FUN.

EW: Did you have any post-wedding plans?

JENNIFER:  For our one-year anniversary, we want to go back to East Wind and enjoy the venue from a different perspective! We would love to spend the weekend at the spa, walking The Shoppes and more. This is also what makes East Wind such a special venue! We can always go back and be in the special atmosphere of where we go married!

EW: Did you or your guests share any funny or emotional moments with you?

JENNIFER:  We have a very Italian uncle who is crazy about food. He came up to us after the wedding and said, ‘Jen…Anthony…wow. Incredible, the music, the dancing, the venue, everything…wow. But let me tell you something. I had the most amazing dinner and 15 minutes later they came around with silver platters offering us seconds. WHAT VENUE DOES THAT?! Incredible!!! I stuffed my face twice it was insane!” Anthony and I were crying laughing because we remember people really enjoying the seconds. It was the cherry on top of the cake.

EW: What advice would you give to other brides or grooms planning their weddings?

JENNIFER:  Book at East Wind…the “Cinderella” venue. Call Barattini Productions so you can party like it’s a concert. Book with Life Art photographers to have easy, fun, yet timeless photos. Call Mateo Val’e video productions so you can capture every single detail on the most special day and watch it back forever. Finally, go meet the most genuine ladies in the business at Hengstenburg Florist. They will treat you with kindness and provide the most affordable flowers around.  MY VENDORS WERE EVERYTHING!

Wedding Video by Mateo Val’e Video