Colleen & Jake

Married August 10, 2018

Photo – ADA Photography & Videography Studio
Florist – With All My Heart
Video – tography & Videography Studio
DJ – Tommy’s Tunes, also provided ceremony and cocktail hour music
Clergy – Jerry Halpin

Colleen and Jake met one night during a game of manhunt at a mutual friend’s house. Things clicked immediately, and Jake knew his hunt for the one was over. At the time, however, Jake was already in a relationship. He immediately told their mutual friend of his interest in Colleen, and was reminded that he already had a girlfriend. They continued to get to know each other slowly, as friends, over the next several years. Colleen remembers “Things changed for me when we went on vacation upstate with our friends. Something clicked up there and we finally started dating a few months later.”

Lighting on the Dance Floor
Lighting on the Dance Floor of the Veranda

One night, at a hibachi dinner with friends, Jake brought up the topic of true love to the entire group. Crafting his approach, he used this conversation starter to lead into a surprise proposal after dinner, “It was special to us because we have always been a low-key couple, so it was very us. The proposal was from his heart which is what mattered most!” Colleen recalls.


Planning their wedding and watching everything come together was a dream come true for the couple. When asked about her favorite part of the process, Colleen said, “For me it was dress shopping, for both my dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses… It’s something most girls dream about!”

Colleen and Jake Wedding at East Wind Long Island
Outdoor Ceremony at the Veranda

The couple chose to express their love for each other in the romantic botanical gardens of the Veranda at East Wind. They knew they wanted a setting that was private, elegant, and affordable, and the private-tree lined courtyard proved to be the perfect setting. “We wanted a venue where we could have a beautiful wedding but still stay within a reasonable budget.” states Colleen. They exchanged their vows under the classic wrought iron gazebo, immersed in seasonal blooms.

Wedding at the Inn at East Wind Long Island
The Reveal on the Grand Staircase in The Inn

Looking back on their magical day, Colleen recalls “The most memorable moment was the reveal at the bottom of the grand staircase. We both had butterflies anticipating seeing each other for the first time.  The way our faces lit up when we saw each other was so special and is something we will always remember!”

Wedding at the Shopppes at East Wind Long Island
The Grand Carousel at The Shoppes

A glamorous, fairytale wedding like this one is truly a bride’s dream come true! Their advice to other couples getting married is to truly appreciate every emotional moment, instead of letting the wedding day fly by. “Breathe! Everything will get done in time and come together in the end. Also, make sure you and your new spouse take a moment during the wedding to yourselves. There is so much going on throughout the wedding that it is nice to share time with just your spouse to soak up the “wow, we just got married!” feeling!”

Cutting the Wedding cake in the Veranda at East Wind

After their storybook wedding, the couple plan to take a magical honeymoon in Disney World. Congratulations, Jake and Colleen!